Gloden Huge Thick Horse Realistic Animal Dildos

Gloden Huge Thick Horse Realistic Animal Dildos

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Product Description:

Only a small number of people can control the violent temper of this horse. Are you ready for the challenge? The appearance of a horses penis is different from a normal human penis. With super large glans, entering the vagina is a great challenge. The extra texture on the penis pillars can also provide more friction pleasure to you. This is not a penis of uniform thickness. The swollen bottom provides it with a thicker waist circumference, allowing your empty vagina to be satisfied. Its impressive size is even sufficient to fully satisfy the most complex and requirements. The horse dildo toy has a very strong suction, which can meet your various posture needs. You can try dog style or a girl top style. You can get deeper and get a more exciting experience.


Product Size: 9.6" in total length.
Product Weight: 1.10lb
Product Material: silicone

Package List:

Includes animal dildo×1.