Imperial thrusting 10-speed masturbator

Imperial thrusting 10-speed masturbator

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  • Length : 13.5 in
  • Width : 3.5 in
  • Material : TPR Soft Touch
  • Thrusting Speed : Multi-speed thrustings
  • USB : Yes
  • with suction cup : Yes
  • Internal Length : 6.25 in
  • Internal width : up to 1.5 in
  • Voice function : Yes

Give yourself the gift of customised masturbation with the Imperial thrusting 10-speed masturbator. This luxury sex toy will make you come any time you’d like, at just the rhythm that suits you.

A thrusting masturbator

Our masturbators are the best sex toys to make you ejaculate in a matter of minutes. These automatic masturbation machines will do all of the work for you. Simply insert your penis into the sleeve and let this thrusting masturbator do the rest. You can stick this suction-cup masturbator onto any flat and smooth surface to enjoy a hands-free session. The suction cup is 3 inches wide - but you can always grab onto this sex toy if you’d prefer to take things into your hand. Once you’ve placed this masturbator in the perfect position, simply slip your erect lubed-up penis into the masturbator’s sleeve. The sleeve is 6.25 inches deep, with a flexible 1.5-inch diameter. It is made of TPR Soft Touch, an extremely soft textured sleeve that will take care of your penis. This thrusting masturbation sex toy has 10 different speeds, with surprising and stimulating rhythms. You can fully customise the speed and mode of your masturbation session. Choose from 100 different possibilities!

The joys of using a masturbator

A masturbator is a unique smart sex toy that gives you much more pleasure than manual masturbation.  These autonomous sex toys require charging with the USB DC charger provided. The Imperial masturbator has an audio function that lets you listen to the voices of 3 women in full orgasm (using headphones). This features will add a bit of fantasy to your masturbation session. Simply close your eyes and imagine yourself in a sexy situation.

Take care of a your thrusting IMPERIAL masturbator

A masturbator requires thorough cleaning. To clean your TPR Soft Touch sleeve, we recommend removing it from the masturbator shell. To remove the sleeve, pull it out of the masturbator, then unclip the purple capsule. You can then unhook the sleeve and clean it properly. We recommend that you use a special sex toy cleaner that will protect its texture. Do not use alcohol-based products to clean this TPR sleeve. To make insertion easier and more pleasurable, we recommend squirting a bit of water-based lubricant into the sleeve.

User’s guide for the Imperial masturbator:

  • Hold down the Start button (at the bottom left) to turn the sex toy on and off.
  • The F button switches on the thrusting function. Press the button again to change the vibration mode. This sex toy has 10 modes, which are preprogrammed masturbation cycles.
  • Press the RS button to explore this sex toy for men’s 10 masturbation speeds
  • The middle “pause” button lets you pause the masturbator when it is switched on.
  • The button with the musical note turns on the audio function (which you can only listen to with headphones). Keep pressing the button to explore the three different orgasmic programs.