Kailin Unscented Water-based Lube

Kailin Unscented Water-based Lube

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Product Details:

1. Deionized water material, no petrochemical, unscented, safe to use, easy to clean.

2. Perfect for solo or partner use.

3. Grease-free, wax-free, silicone oil-free, protect your vagina and private areas.

4. Use with all toys.


Materials: deionized water, glycerin, propylene glycol, carbomer

Net weight: 0.2kg

Size: 5.8*3.5*16.5cm

Guarantee period: 2 years

water based lube

water based lube

Strong Drawing, More Lubricated

This lube perfectly mimics your skins natural moisture for increased pleasure while maintaining a healthy pH balance. Powerful drawing for longer lasting lubrication, long-term use without drying
water based lube

Colorless, Tasteless

With the Lube, you’re ready for the right time. Lasts day and night, enabling you for intimacy when the time is right. This product is compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms.
water based lube

Aqueous Solution, Easy to Clean

Doctor recommended Wet Water Based Premium Lubricant is newly reformulated to stay wet even longer and provide long-lasting lubrication that is always silky, never sticky. Very easy to clean, dont worry about leaving stains on the sheets.